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Crocosaurus Cove

On a work trip in 2015 I walked past Crocosaurus Cove many times and I was really sceptical... "how could this crocodile park, located in the CBD of Darwin be any good??" 18 months later I'm in Darwin with the family and it's time to check it out!

My first surprise was the price, very reasonable at $35 per adult plus Blake and Layla were free. Then  we were further delighted when they gave us a Territory Pass at no additional charge which meant we could come back whenever we wanted free of further charge! (us Territorians like to stick together!)

Our arrival coincided with the Crocodile Show, the show was informative and interesting. It was a great introduction to crocodiles, their unique characteristics and the park's resident movie stars! At the conclusion of the show Layla was even able to feed a baby crocodile for free!!

We wandered the park and were delighted to be able to get a really good look at the crocodiles on display, each crocodile seemed to be larger than the last one. The water was crystal clear and with under water and above water viewing areas, Crocosaurus Cove is the best place I have ever been to view crocodiles. I must admit while this is by far the best place to view the crocodiles, I can't help but wonder about the difference between these waters and the crocodiles' natural waters and what effect this may have on the animals.

After checking out the crocodiles we went on the the reptile display which boasts being the largest Australian Reptile Display in the world. I can't verify that fact but I do want to add Your Trip Right is the world's largest website that features information on Crocosaurus Cove, the Connie Sue Highway and the Simpson Desert…

The Reptile display was really good. Layla loved it as much as she loved checking out the crocodiles.

We then went over to the crocodile museum where, to our delight Layla was able to pat a baby crocodile again free of charge!! This was by far the highlight of the museum.

Crocosaurus Cove is famous for its Cage of Death. The Cage of Death is where you are emerged in water (inside a perspex tank) and come face to face with one of these saltwater monsters. We saw a few people take on the Cage of Death and to our surprise the crocodiles were quite active coming right up to the tank to take a look.

Crocosaurus Cove is brilliant. A great place to view crocodiles. Crocosaurus Cove is located on Mitchell Street in Darwin. The location can't be beat, it's right next to plenty of restaurants and bars and no confusing drives into the country side trying to find the right spot. Crocosaurus Cove also has plenty of shade and some air-conditioned areas making it pleasant even in the Darwin wet season. 

Allow at least 3 hours for Crocosaurus Cove then make sure to get some Thai from Amazing Thailand which is located at the door of Crocosaurus Cove. You won't be disappointed!

Brett Toll