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Driver Fatigue

IT Costs you Money

Driver fatigue costs 4wd money! Heading bush is something we all love. Sitting at our desks at work we dream of driving our cars on long trips to the unknown. Its romantic but we all know there is a hidden killer.

Driver fatigue not only takes lives but out here it can do damage to your car quickly. In the city stay between your lines and your okay. Out here your dodging rocks, hitting lines and responding to your car moving underneath you. As you get tired and your response time goes down you are quickly missing lines and hitting rocks causing damage to your car. Whilst it’s the long wide-open roads we yearn for it is those we need to be cautious of.

We all know the slogan every two hours stop revive survive, it’s only the tip of the iceberg to staying safe. 

  1. Nutrition - If there is one take home in this article, it is this! You already know that if you fill up on a pie and coke how you are going to feel in 2 hours. So why do it? Not only will it increase your fatigue it will reduce your ability to get out into the great outdoors in the future (but that’s a rant for a different day). Eat well. The cleaner you eat the better your focus will be. When I have big days I am extremely strict on my diet from dinner the night before onwards. No bacon and eggs, no sugar (except for fruit). Plan your nutrition make sure you have a carrot to chew, a piece of fruit and some nuts. The side effect to eating clean all day is that when you get to your camp you will still have energy left.
  2. Hydration - When I drink water I need to get out and wee every hour and a half on a long drive. Fortunately this does not cost me much time as normally I can stop on the middle of the road. The other secret to this is avoiding the caffeine. Now I love a coffee more then the next bloke. Totally addicted on a normal day I will have between 2-4 coffees (Double shot long black!). On the road a Maximum of 3 single shot coffees. Anymore then this and the coffee works in a reverse effect for me. Coffee is to energy what credit cards are to your personal finance!
  3. Get comfortable - If your car is not comfortable change it! Do what it takes, get the zircon fixed, buy new seat covers, buy a new seat if you have to.
  4. Manage your passengers - Nothing turns a short drive into a long drive quicker then a crying kid. As the driver you need to manage this before you get on the road. Make sure children and spouses have toy’s and books that will keep them entertained.
  5. Manage yourself - The last thing I always make sure of is having a good selection of audio books, podcasts and music. I do a lot of driving and I love it, partly because of the learning I do when I’m behind the wheel. Audio books are not for everyone but give them ago. Find a book your interested in and load it up next time your on a trip. My top tip for audio books are make sure the person who writes it, narrates it. There is nothing better then travelling the Connie Sue Highway listening to Len Beadell talking about its construction.

​Brett Toll