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Your Trip Right

Five things to forget for your children

Don't clutter your trip

Space and weight are very valuable resources when travelling. You want to make sure that everything you take adds value to the trip and gets used more than once (except for the all important spares and tools, which hopefully don't get used at all). Here are the top five things for kids, that I recommend to leave behind on your next trip:

  1. Bikes - bikes take up a lot of room when travelling and better yet, they rarely get used. Unless you are certain the trip will be ruined if you leave them behind, forget them. There are plenty of alternate activities you can enjoy as a family such as going for a walk, swimming, a nature hunt or building a little tepee from your surrounds.
  2. Stroller /pram - Another space-eating item. Think about where you are going on your trip, is the terrain really suitable? Children may already have spent enough time sitting in the car and would probably really enjoy the freedom and movement that comes with walking themselves. The extra exercise will also be good for tiring little bodies out... great for getting a good night sleep or some peace and quiet on the next leg of your journey. If you don't think it is possible for you to leave the stroller or pram behind, consider taking a child carrier backpack instead. Child carrier backpacks are a lot more compact and versatile in where they can be taken and how they can be used. I actually ride my bike to work everyday with my little one on my back in the backpack.

  1. Portable DVD Player - children spending time in front of screens does not sit lightly with me, let alone if they are doing this on a trip. But if it is a must for you, a special device dedicated to movies probably does not need to be packed. Make use of the devices you probably already have with you, like a tablet.
  2. Portable cot - if you are visiting friends on a trip or staying in hotels it is worth finding out if there is one that can be borrowed or another bedding option that may work, it will save a whole lot of space. Some people love the confining properties of a portable cot. I don’t agree with this and believe appropriate interaction and supervision of your child/ren will mean more fun and learning for everyone. If we must take bedding for Layla, we have a child size swag, as she hates the portable cots. Admittedly, it takes up only slightly less room but is even quicker to set up.
  3. Car seat - definitely do not leave this behind if you are travelling in your own car!! With this point I am referring to trips that involve plane flights. Investigate if you can hire an appropriate car seat at the other end, car hire companies often have it as an optional extra. The price would probably be worth the convenience, plus then you don't have to worry about whether the seat is going to get destroyed in transit. If you have friends and family at you destination, they may also be able to track a seat down for you to borrow.

Less clutter, less mess, less stuff, less to sort means more time, more fun on your next trip away. Everyone will be better for it!

Jessica Toll