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The Great Central Rd Guide


  • Dalhhousie Springs4:34
  • Birdsville QLD5:28
  • Bamboo Creek Tin Mine, Litchfield National Park2:56
  • Stuart Highway14:41

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Increase your time off

Live the Life you deserve

You're probably not like me. You probably don’t have 6-10 weeks leave every year. Just like you, I used to have only 4 weeks off and after we take time off at Christmas it does not leave much left.

If you're serious about camping more, its time to do things differently. If there is one article on the website you need to read this is it!

Talk to your employer, I guarantee you can come to a mutually beneficial arrangement on one condition, you need to be an asset to your employer. When I lived in the city and managed swimming pools. There were a couple of arrangements my boss and I had that made both our lives easier. 

  1. I worked every long weekend. In return I accrued an additional 2 days off. I was happy as it allowed me to go away for longer and beat the crowds. He was happy, as his manager was on deck in the busy times.
  2. Instead of being paid for overtime I accrued time off in lieu of payment. Whilst not the most financially smart decision, I work to create freedom and extra paid time off is exactly that freedom. With one conversation I took my standard 4 weeks off a year to up to 10 weeks off a year. I have enjoyed this amount of leave for over 8 years now. I did have one employer where I did only receive 4 weeks off annually and this was because I was not creating exceptional value for my employer.  

If you don’t have a great boss or you’re not creating value for your employer, my next tip is just as valuable but even more obvious. Nothing cures the itch more then getting out on a weekend. 

You may need to invest a little. By purchasing the following products you can get away easily, quickly and stress free. 

  • Buy a fridge - Thursday night go out and pack all your weekend’s food into the fridge. ALL OF IT, perishable or not. This stops you taking too much and also means while your car is parked at work all day your bread wont sweat etc.
  • Buy a DreamPot or similar - Friday morning when your heading off to work put your dinner in it, put it in the car and you are sorted.
  • Buy a swag - I understand to many it may sound daunting and yes they are ridiculously bulky but they are so easy and simple. Unroll your swag and go to sleep. Now make sure you always have linen in there, not having linen in their makes an extra barrier to getting away. You could use a tent but then you need an air mattress, then you need to put the fly on the tent, then you need to make your bed, then… it’s a pain. Buy swag!
  • Buy a hiking stove - Not for everyone but I really don’t mind the freeze-dried meals you can pick up from the camping shops. They are decent nutrition and filling. Taste, well, it's not the best camp meal you will ever eat but they are reliable. To cook a freeze-dried meal you simply boil water, add boiling water to packet and wait 10 min. No prep or clean up required. With a hearty meal in the DreamPot on Friday night there is no reason why you cant tough it out a little Saturday. As preparation time, clean up time and cooking time is almost nil, it means more time to have fun!

I suggested a hiking stove because I also use it a lot for other purposes. It is always in the back of the car with a few freeze dried meals as emergency food supply and on long drives I use it to make my coffee. We do hike as well, so if you have the money its worth the investment. My personal favourite for simplicity and portability is the Jetboil. 

Now that you're armed with your four new purchases, go on, get out there and explore your local surrounds it's amazing what two nights in a swag will do for your mental health! Once you become well drilled in the simple weekend escape push the limits go midweek! We do!

More important than reading this email is to go out and do something with it. (Thanks Seth Godin)

Brett Toll