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  • Dalhhousie Springs4:34
  • Birdsville QLD5:28
  • Bamboo Creek Tin Mine, Litchfield National Park2:56
  • Stuart Highway14:41

Meet the People - Crossing the Simpson

Who crossed, what was their set up and how did they fare?

We will be collecting all the information and statistics from our group crossing the Simpson Desert. We are crossing the Simpson in a group of 7 cars... all of which are different vehicles with their own different set-ups.

Meet some of the people who are crossing, what they are travelling in (without the details of any modifications... this will come later) and their accommodation:

Brett, Jess and Layla - In their mid twenties with toddler Layla and baby number two just over half-way baked :). Friend and traditional owner Judy Coombes and her grandson will also be travelling with Brett and Jess.

  • Car – 2010 Toyota Prado 150 Series. Diesel. Auto.
  • Accommodation - Tvan.

Glenn and Deb - Early fifties, Jessica's parents.​

  • ​​Car – Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series. Diesel. Auto.
  • Accommodation – TJM Rooftop tent.

Robert and Gail – Early sixties. Brett’s grandparents.

  • Car – 2003 Toyota Landcruiser 100 series. Diesel. Auto.
  • Accommodation – Double swag inside tent

Peter and Helen – Mid sixties. Brett’s great uncle and aunty (Gail’s brother and sister-in-law).

  • Car – Land Rover Discovery 1996. Turbo Diesel.
  • Accommodation – 2 x tent swags with self-inflating mattress.

Chris and Bev – Brett’s family friends.

  • Car – 2012 Toyota Hilux SR5 3ltr diesel. Dual Cab. Auto.
  • Accommodation -  Tailgate camping, bed setup in back of the hilux (taking UEV 440 Conqueror but it will not be crossing the Simpson).

Vehicle 6

  • Car - 2014 Toyota Landcruiser Ute. Diesel. Manual.
  • Accommodation - Rooftop tent or tent.

Vehicle 7

  • Car - 2010 Toyota Hilux. Diesel.
  • Accommodation - Oztent.

Jessica Toll