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My Top 5 Camping Accessories

And they are under 20 bucks

People often ask me what it is that I like to take with me on trips and I often respond by saying that it all depends on where you are heading, what it is that you are doing and what sort of trip you are about to embark on. Each trip you go on is different and requires different applications and different needs and difficult choices are faced when it comes to what I pack and what I leave at home when considering what it is that I need, and don’t need.

Over time I have observed a bit of a trend when it comes to what ends up “in” and what ends up “out”. It seems that no matter where I go or what trip I plan I always make sure that these five items are the first five items in the “to take with me” pile as they are by far some of the most useful and convenient accessories to have by your side. The added bonus is that these five items can also all be purchased for under $20 dollars from most reputable camping stores.

Number one on my list a trusty old Pocket Knife – It is unbelievable how much I use my pocket knife when I am on trips, I often keep this treasured accessory in my sock draw until I embark on my next adventure as I work in an office and it is deemed socially unacceptable to whip my pocket knife out to open the packet of tam-tams that has been brought in for a meeting or buttering my morning toast in the office kitchen with my fold away Gerber knife… also frowned upon...

As the name suggests this little baby has its home in the right front pocket of my shorts the whole time I am adventuring. It is by far the most used item I have on my list and so very handy and readily available. Make sure you have one, you will be surprised how much you use it.

LED Torch – A little LED handheld torch is such an asset on any trip and again I use this all the time. This also owns a spot in my pocket next to my trusty pocket knife and again I would use this as much as I would use my pocket knife. From rummaging around in the back of the 4wd, my bag or the camper looking for something, through to nightly escapes to the toilets in the scrub,  to wildlife spotting escapades at night with my son one of these LED torches are a must. I generally have a few of these around by the way, one in the tent the whole time (which stays in the pocket of the tent and acts as a great night light for when my boy goes to bed).  I generally plant one of these in the side pocket of the car also for those car rummages escapades.

These days these LED torches are cheap, run on very little battery power are as bright as day and are fairly robust... this is a must take.

Suction Cup Toothbrush Holder – What the hell you say? Well, it is a pet hate for me to have furry teeth when I am away and I just loathe not being able to get to my toothbrush 3 seconds after the moment of thinking that I need my toothbrush. You see I am organised, meticulously planned and live by the rules that each and every one of my possessions is designated a home, even when I go camping. Now when I am on adventures things get a little loose and items end up in other bags and pockets and pouches they were not originally assigned to but when it comes to my toothbrush it always holds pole position. There is no way that the home of my toothbrush will ever be compromised when I am travelling as I have found these trusty little suction cup toothbrush holders which allows me to ensure that firmly stuck to the inside windscreen of my 4wd is my toothbrush just waiting to be whisked into action a mere 3 seconds after I get the urge to clean my teeth.
And for those of you that still have no idea what I am talking about, you can follow the link below for an image of these toothbrush holders I dare to talk of. Very handy, get a few and stick 'em to the inside of your windscreen for quick toothbrush access any time of the day leaving those pearly whites moss free…

USB Extension – It often astounds me how many things I need to keep charged up during adventures especially when you throw in the mix a partner and a kid. It just about seems that everything these days is charged through a USB port which is the exact port that most car manufacturers seem to provide very sparingly... I am sure the car manufacturers will eventually catch-up by installing multiple USB ports in our 4WD's to support our adventure device charging efforts only to be left behind again by some other advancement in technology. I am sure we are not far from a time where we will have ports installed in our arms that will tap into the available electrical impulses of our own body, however while we wait for this technology advancement we will have to make do with what is available to assist us in keeping our devices charged for our entire journey.
What is available is one of these little beauties, the 3 USB Port Car Charger Cigarette Lighter Inverter.
They are fabulously engineered to enable a single cigarette lighter port to be converted into 3 USB charging ports... This device alone has revolutionised travelling in our household as the roster put in place to ensure we all had a fair and equitable timeshare of the single USB port previously available was thrown out of the car window. To our delight each one of us all of a sudden had a charging port all to ourselves… it is a great device and another must have…

Lastly on my top 5 travel accessories is the Backseat Organiser 7 Pocket Storage Unit – This travel accessory has been designed for the kiddies but also comes in handy for mum and dad. Essentially this storage unit sits over the back of the front seats in your vehicle in prime position for the kiddies sitting in the back to access…  There are 7 pockets of varying sizes custom designed to ensure that your youngster has at their fingertips everything they may need for their journey… Before we depart we make sure that there are drinks, snacks, fruit, toys and whatever else your youngster needs on a long trip safely tucked away in this unit.
I like these units for a few reasons:

1) It is a great way to ensure that your little one has everything they need, or may ask for over the course of your journey. 

2) I am anally retentive and this unit keeps stuff organised.

3) It is safer for all especially the driver as there are far less humbugging requests coming from the back seat...
If you have kids these storage units are a great addition to any trip…

Part of the fun of travelling for me are the accessories, gadgets, improvements and knick-knacks that are cleverly designed to make our lives a little more organised and little more efficient. My top 5 may vary from your top 5 but to me, this is all part of the fun, finding what works for you and trialling different things to suit your needs to ensure that your trip is uniquely tailored for your enjoyment.

So before you head out on you next adventure take a few moments to have a look out there to see what travel accessories are for you...

​Jason Holt