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Using vibration detection technology we will find out exactly what speeds and tyre pressures are best!

Space and weight are very valuable resources when travelling.

My biggest purchasing lesson came from buying what I thought were the best shocks on the market.


The only thing keeping you grounded.

Stripping back a 100k Prado

If I could only have 5 accessories

Jess and I have sunk 40k in accessories and servicing into the Prado. Thinking about only having 5 accessories well…. yep…… it’s a hard concept for me to get my head around.

Where we live we need to be prepared so when we buy things like fox wings, dual wheel carriers, 50L water tanks we justify these as safety measures that we need as we live so remote.

Getting it down to 5 is hard however if I could only chose 5 in our situation this is what they would be:

1. Roof Rack - Its so handy for packing. We climb up there on it and it allows us to get away camping with the kid and two dogs without having to take the Tvan.

2. Fridge - Getting cold shopping home from the nearest supermarket means 240km. I don’t think we could be without a fridge. With the Engel in the car we can really get off the beaten track for a long time, as we don’t need ice.

3. 2 Inch Lift Kit with Koni Shocks and King Springs - We used to damage our Prado a lot dragging diffs and even squashing side steps. With the extra ride height it looks after the car a lot more. The Koni shocks and king springs also preform so well out here.

4. Cargo Barrier - It keeps the dogs in the back and in a crash it keeps Layla safe in the back seat. If we're loading up the back of the car it is also really handy as we can stack right to the roof without the load coming through to the back seats over the corrugations

5. ARB Air Compressor - We are constantly adjusting our tyre pressure and we need the ability to do this on the fly.

If I could extend the list to 10 I would add in the ORS Draw System with the 50L water tank, Work Lights, Dual Wheel Carrier, Dual Batteries and secondary fuel filter.

These are specific to my position and if I were advising family or friends from less remote places, my list would change dramatically!

​Brett Toll

  • Dalhhousie Springs4:34
  • Birdsville QLD5:28
  • Bamboo Creek Tin Mine, Litchfield National Park2:56
  • Stuart Highway14:41

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