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The Great Central Rd Guide


  • Dalhhousie Springs4:34
  • Birdsville QLD5:28
  • Bamboo Creek Tin Mine, Litchfield National Park2:56
  • Stuart Highway14:41


It is often just as much about the actual journey as it is the destination and on one of our latest journeys we came across a little gem we didn’t even know existed, and boy was it a delight. 

As we trekked our way towards Pennefather, a known location north of Weipa the excitement of the future camping adventures that awaited us at our planned destination could barely be contained. We couldn’t wait to get there, get setup, ignite the campfire and get our lines in the water and see what the weekend had in stall for us. We were all very eager as the anticipation of the weekend activities took hold of us all like primary school children going to swimming class on the school bus.

We were about 20 minutes shy of arriving at our destination when to the right of the road an oasis appeared, blink and you’d miss it. A clear pond of fresh water, flowing, sparkling and calling out our names. We all knew what we saw and not a single word was spoken but we looked at one another knowing exactly what sequence of events was to come next. The brakes were applied, a u-turn was conducted, the car was pulled up, a cold one was grabbed out of the esky and we bombed dived into the most pristine pond of water before floating around for the next half hour knowing that we had just found one of those secrets most people just pass on by. The week of worries just floated away in that little pool of fresh water as the brew took hold and the water lapped at our chins.

Now someone once said to me “life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” and while floating around in this little oasis I couldn’t help but remember how true this quote was in this particular moment. We are too often caught up in reaching our destination in life that we miss some of the greatest things along the way and in this particular moment we all knew that this was a moment to just be in.

Now life has a pretty uncanny irony at times 'cause as we floated away in our world of content numerous other campers tore down the road just metres away from us and had no clue that we were there enjoying one of life's little moments. Their eyes were set on their destination and they were missing things along the way. I couldn’t help but think how much this correlated to life in general.

It is important to remember that life is the journey, get out and enjoy it, take the opportunities to do the things you love, the things that challenge you and the things that get you out of your comfort zone, live life as it is there to be lived. Most importantly of all ensure that your life isn’t about just reaching the destination, make your life about the journey, and enjoying all the little gems you come across along the way.

Jason Holt